HI! I’m a freelance illustrator from Italy, and I live and work between Florence and Milan, where there is the fabulous Studio Armad’illo. It's a co-working studio, shared with seven other colleagues among illustrators and graphic designers. 

I work for children’s book publishing, here is a short list of my clients:
Usborne Publishing

Ronshin Group

Ars Edition
Penguin Random House - Grosset and Dunlap

Centro Studi Erickson

White Star Kids
Albert Whitman & Company
Miles Kelley Publishing


Represented worldwide by GOOD ILLUSTRATION AGENCY. 


Painting degree - Academy of Fine Art in Turin.
One year course at Universidad de Bellas Artes of Madrid.
Master degree in Publishing illustration - MiMaster- in Milan.

 Photo © Gabriele Facciotti